Emotional Intelligence: Harnessing the Power of Your Emotions

The last few months of the year can make emotional intelligence a powerful survival skill. During this time, we find ourselves navigating end of year reviews and preparing next year’s goals, along with the social and emotional dynamics of family, friends, and holidays. Successfully managing life’s stressors, while building trusting and caring relationships, is what makes emotional intelligence essential.

Emotional Intelligence equips us to convert emotional awareness into action. To harness the energy of emotions to move closer to our goals and aspirations by enhancing our adaptability, communication, and leadership skills while improving mental health and relationships. Emotional intelligence is not a fixed trait, it is a skill we can develop and improve over time. According to TalentSmart, it’s the strongest predictor of our long-term performance. Another study by Robert H. Smith School of Business found that manufacturing supervisors following emotional intelligence training halved the number of lost-time accidents, formal grievances reduced by 20%, and they received a $250,000 boost in revenue.

These, and other data points, fuel our belief in the value of investing in a program designed to build emotional intelligence. That’s why we’ve spent the last few years researching, developing, and iterating a highly accessible, highly relevant, and highly impactful program to help people be more self and socially aware. To equip the best integration of people and technical skills to move closer to their goals and aspirations. All while being compassionately accountable – an approach to holding people accountable in service of learning and developing high trust relationships.

Through our work, we’ve come to believe that when people are more aware, able, and accountable, they are more likely to thrive inside and outside of work. This inspires and fuels us to bring Live Life Aligned to your workplace. The blended learning program integrates virtual and facilitated learning experiences to put emotional intelligence into practice.

We know this is the time of year when we all need to start flexing our emotional intelligence muscles. Maybe it’s to mediate a war between two co-workers, or an uncle and niece arguing over the last piece of pecan pie. Perhaps you need to effectively navigate a difficult conversation to keep your goals on track. We invite you to learn more about the program and we encourage you to strengthen your EI muscles today.