Create a Workplace that Thrives Because Your People Thrive 

Your people, mission and culture are unique — so the plan to improve them should be unique too. We approach our engagements as partnerships, mapping out a customized corporate training experience.

Maximize Your Company’s Potential With Our Corporate Training Services

Each corporate training engagement begins with a structured discovery process to identify the mission, culture and purpose most important to your organization and your people. We identify key opportunities, goals and barriers. From there, we create the experience for your people and your company to achieve the performance and quality of worklife best for the company.

Our Corporate Training Service Programs

For each organization, we choose one of the following corporate training programs or a mix of programs that best serve its people, goals and culture  We use aspects of these programs to create a program unique to your organization.

Corporate Training Programs

Live Life Aligned


Live Life Aligned offers tools and concepts to help you better understand yourselves, others, and the value you bring to our team. These tools and concepts will create a foundation to help you have better alignment and flow in communication and relationships. This program is build on two overarching concepts: Putting Emotional Intelligence into Practice and Finding Center.

It's designed to help you:

  • Grow an understanding of your emotions to become a better leader.
  • Better understand and align to your true nature.
  • Live a life aligned to your personal values, goals, and aspirations.

Experiential Formatted Programs

Kyle Corporate Training Leadership Development Program

Available virtually and in-person, our inventive, unique programs go beyond education and teaching to truly grow awareness and relationships through interactive engagements. We developed these corporate training programs over time with experts and learned what works and what doesn’t to leverage the unique benefits of online formats. With thought-provoking and entertaining activities, these sessions lead to long-term growth and improved performance and work life in teams no matter how far out they may be spread. 

Facilitated Leadership Development Program

Ziel Leadership Development Workshop

Our facilitators work with you, integrating our researched-based practices with your existing corporate training and education content in a way that will reveal the true potential of your employees. Through collaborative work, sharing stories and fostering conversations, we guide participants through a process of breaking down barriers and creating a sense of purpose and mission tied to the company goals. 

Our facilitated leadership development is available in these forms

  • Offsite 
  • Onsite
  • Virtual 
  • A mix  

Blended Learning Corporate Training


Go beyond the typical blended learning experience with our corporate training programs. We curate a curricula of in-person learning or virtual learning so that your team can learn over time while applying and reflecting on the lessons during real world applications. These programs can be done with real-time coaching through facilitated sessions throughout the engagement, or can be done with more curated content and less hands on work for immediate application and long-term reinforcement.   

Blended learning programs allow companies to:

  • Compress in-person learning in order to reduce seat time and travel expenses
  • Enable leaders to learn through real-life interactions with their teams
  • Take classroom concepts back onto the job and reflect on the application

Executive Coaching Program

Ziel Corporate Training Leadership Development Company

This type of programming helps the leaders in your company express the best parts of themselves — their core purpose — in a way that leads everyone else forward aligned to reaching the company’s core mission. It’s the same philosophy we express throughout our engagement, brought down to a one-on-one level. Our coaches help the client foster self-awareness while working through any identified concerns, improve their emotional intelligence and self-awareness — thereby improving the performance and work life quality for themselves and everyone around them.  

Our facilitators and coaches are certified in a wide variety of programs, including: