The workplace has a more of an impact on quality of life than anything else. When a company fails, it can be easy to overlook this critical element. Corporate training and leadership development can help both companies and people acheive their goals. 

Companies Thrive Because People Thrive

Kyle Corporate Training Leadership Development Program

At Ziel, we don’t believe you have to choose between your people and success. We know you can create a workplace that thrives because your people thrive. It just takes some training and leadership development.

Customized Leadership Development

Ziel Corporate Training Leadership Development Company

We do this by assisting the people who can have the greatest impact. Managers are responsible for helping front-line workers to do their jobs. Yet managers themselves need assistance to become inspiring leaders. Ziel connects your leaders with meaningful purpose through leadership development. This shows them how to inspire the workforce by connecting their purpose with the company’s core mission and values.

Versatile Corporate Leadership Development & Education Programs

Ziel Leadership Development Workshop

In our engagements, we work with you to curate a learning experience out of the vast variety of leadership development content available. This customized mix of content and delivery options, in-person, offsite, virtual, is customized blends perfectly with your company culture. That way, it will fit the challenges facing your managers. Our approach helps these leaders integrate the concepts they’ve learned into everyday work. You will see your managers become the front-line leaders that build powerful brands and make companies great places to work.

Ziel Leadership has provided many North American Fortune 500 companies with the tools to reach new heights. We do that by helping their talent find new purpose in ways unique to the company culture and mission. 



Our Core Purpose: Ziel

The word ziel means many different things. In German, it is a verb that translates to aim. It Dutch, ziel is a concept encompassing heart, mind, and soul. In English, the homonym zeal means great energy or enthusiasm. 

Through our traditional education, we learn that developing talent requires skills, tools and lessons. But ask a corporate leader and they will tell you that isn't enough to bring  performance improvements in the workplace. We too have witnessed this firsthand through decades of education and training experience. 

We discovered another way. Changing minds changes what people say, changing hearts changes what they do. And when the heart and mind are changed to be aligned with the business’ purpose and mission, people are motivated with enthusiasm they did not have before. 

Regardless of the industry, business, or job, leaders must provide teams with more than what they need to get their work down. They need to provide purpose that motivates them in the mind and the heart. 

Ziel reminds us of our mission — to help managers connect their teams minds and hearts, aligning them to the purpose and mission of the company. From there, we witness new highs in the ability of the company to achieve enduring growth while also improving the workplace quality of life


Kyle Swanson Corporate Training Programs

Kyle Swanson, Principal

Kyle is on a mission to bring life to his belief that brands thrive when people thrive. Experienced corporate educator Kyle Swanson founded the company in 2017. He wanted to make sure companies wouldn’t have to choose between success and their people. With over 20 years of experience, he had learned performance comes when people feel most purposeful at work.

Before he started Ziel, Kyle spent over 10 years working for Harley-Davidson and its global dealer network. There he designed and deployed learning and development programs to drive employee and customer engagement. He put his belief into practice by inspiring leaders to unleash innovation, agility, and results. This engaged leadership helped align talent’s central purpose to the company’s core mission.

Kyle holds a Masters of Science in Education with an emphasis on accelerated leadership development from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an Masters of Science in Positive Organizational Development and Change from the Weatherhead School of Business at Case Western.