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You don’t have to choose between results and your people with our corporate leadership training.

Release the untapped potential of your people 

Our customized, versatile corporate leadership training does just that by getting to what matters the most: your talent’s purpose. 

We work with you to align their purpose with your company’s unique mission and culture — creating a new environment primed for performance and vastly improved work life.


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Kyle brings a combination of talents to any workshop I’ve seen him facilitate.  In addition to having a deep mastery of the subject, he also has the ability to draw useful examples from an array of other sources and research he’s seeped in. In addition, he seamlessly weaves in personal stories and experiences to ground theories into practical reality.  Kyle’s casual style, friendly disposition and quick wit promotes a safe and productive learning environment and helps him easily build rapport with participants. I’d highly recommend Kyle and look forward to working with him more in the future.

Renny Bloch
Director, Talent Development
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kyle on projects ranging the lifecycle of leadership development over the past few years, ranging from content development to facilitation. His knowledge, experience, and dedication make him an expert in this field. He is dynamic in front of a group and ensures the concepts are understood by finding a way to relate to everyone in the room. Kyle is a valued partner that I enjoy working with.

Brielle Bodoh
Learning & Talent Development
JLG Industries, Inc.

In the age of COVID-19, we asked Kyle to do what I saw as the impossible: Move a 3 day, highly interactive and engaging course from in person to online. Kyle not only met those needs but exceeded them in all aspects! His innovative course design utilized virtual tools that gave students a chance to interact with each other and with the content in ways that matched the in person experience. He also leveraged virtual team building events to emulate the experiential learning the course relied on in the past. In the end, the participants described a highly engaging and impactful virtual course that would excitedly promote to their peers.

Justin Anderson

Organizational Development & Learning
McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing

“Open, honest, objective and authentic are all words I would use to describe Kyle and the coaching experience he delivers. A good listener who asks thought-provoking questions, Kyle offers valuable, actionable insights to help me better understand and lead my team to success for the individual members, the team overall and the organization. Most importantly, his guidance and coaching have given me the opportunity to more effectively reflect on my leadership style, my strengths and weaknesses, and where I am best served in focusing my efforts for growth.”

Corporate Communications, Public Utilities

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